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It is commonly known around the world that dogs are the most loyal pets for humans. This
attribute earned them the name, ‘Man’s Best Friend’. There are numerous species of dogs and
each one has its unique traits which they possess. When looking out for a dog to keep, its traits
are a must consider to enable you to pick a dog that satisfies your need.

Most people need dogs for companionship, protection, and loyalty. On the other hand, others
want a dog that is playful and energic. Some dogs show love to anybody they come across or
anyone who gives them a treat while others show loyalty only to their owners and form special
bonds with them. Although they may be friendly with people, it is clear where their loyalty lies
If you’re looking for a dog breed that will stay loyal to you, then you should check out the
following breeds.



Akitas are commonly known for their hairy and fluffy nature. They are extremely loyal to
their owners and tend to be more attached to the main caretaker in the family. They are easy
to care for, simple, lovable, and the perfect breed for families. They protect their owners
against anything they perceive to be a threat or dangerous. Akitas are said to be the World’s
most famous dog breed. Their cute face adorned with innocent eyes makes it easy to become
attached to them. They love to spend time with their owners.

2· German Shepherd

German Shepherd
We definitely can’t mention loyal dogs without mentioning the German Shepherds. They are
so adaptable and are well-known for their act of bravery and heroism. They seem
intimidating to those who do not know them but become loyal companions as soon as they
get accustomed to you. They are described by the America Kennel Club as being gentle and
caring towards their owners. They are not the kind of dogs that are comfortable sitting in a
place. They require lots of mental and physical challenges daily.

They often serve as military dogs, police dogs, guide dogs, and rescue workers due to their
high intelligence and level of sensitivity. Although they do not socialize easily, they make
great family dogs and love children.

3· Boxer

from the name, we can decipher that these breeds of dogs are fighter dogs perfectly suitable
for high training works. They possess powerful jaws and bites fiercely which makes them a
suitable dog for hunting. They are also patient, protective playful, and energetic. This breed
of loyal dogs is very protective of their owners and also loves spending quality time with their
owners. They can serve as excellent guard dogs and watchdogs. They require sufficient
training. Despite their fierce nature, they make great family dogs and are extremely gentle
with children.

4· Rottweiler

Most times, they are often perceived to be very aggressive and brutal but this is untrue.
Although they are naturally protective of their owners and serve mostly as guard dogs, they
usually very cute and naughty as puppies. Their behavior when fully developed depends
mostly on the training they received while growing. They have remarkable speed and
strength. Their level of loyalty cannot be measured as they tend to be overly protective of
their owners upon a perception of danger or in the face of any threat.

5· Beagle

Beagles are a very common and popular breed of dogs well known for their playful and
energetic nature. They are characterized by their powerful sense of smell which makes them
a good choice for hunting or drug and contraband detection at airports.
They are also a loyal breed of dogs that tend to dedicate their loyalty to only one person.
Their cute and friendly nature makes them more appealing and inviting. Being bred in packs
and groups, they always enjoy the company of people and dogs.
They are extremely obedient dogs that will stick to whatever instruction is given to them.

6· Chihuahua


This breed of dogs is tiny physically but they are still profusely loyal. They are content just
being by your side. Usually, they form a closer bond with a particular member of the family.
They have a bad reputation for being mean to strangers, usually in a bid to protect their
owners. Their high intelligence makes them a great choice for companionship. They also love
being showered with excess attention.

Unlike other breeds of dogs, they require little training thereby leaving you with ample time
to time to run through your other duties. But they tend to yelp if they are not taught how to
control their barking. Once they become familiar with the family and environment, they tend
to become playful and serve as a good companion.

7· Dachshunds

They are small furry dogs with very short legs which makes them resemble large sausages or
hot dogs. They are so adorable and playful. Dachshunds are extremely loyal and will do
anything for their owners. They are very calm and in rare conditions would you find them
barking at someone. They are attention seekers and love to be in the company of their

Dachshunds can also serve as hunting dogs because of their strong legs and sharp paws
adapted for digging into the soil. Apart from being one of the most loyal dogs, they are said
to be very amazing and overly protective of their family.

8· St. Bernard

St. Bernard
This is a specie of dog that can be likened to giant living teddy bears. If you’re in search of a
loyal dog, with St. Bernard, it is impossible to go wrong. They are very quiet dogs
well-reckoned around the world for being loyal. They are extremely patient, friendly, and
very suitable for families with children. This trait has earned them the name, “nanny dogs”.
And of course, they require vigorous and constant training and exercise for them to function
at their best.

History has it that these dogs were used by monks in monasteries to locate stranded
travelers. They always love to be around their families and owners and also tend to be very

9· Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever
Golden Retrievers are loyal breeds of dogs that never seem to run out of energy. They are a
lovable breed with a high commitment to their owners. Even at a fully developed stage, they
remain very playful. They get on well with kids and are highly committed and overprotective
of their owners.

They have a high level of intelligence and often serve as hunting dogs. There is a great need
to ensure that they are trained properly to prevent them from attacking a new person in your

Golden Retrievers are cute-looking dogs that always seem to have a smile on their face. They
are also patient, fun-loving, and friendly to everyone. They are greatly loved and the most
preferable choice of dogs for families. They have a large number of beautiful furs which
makes them often used as designer dogs.

10· Brittany

Brittany is another breed of loyal dog that can be more devoted to its owners than to its
species. They are known to be very quick and curious. They love exercise such as running,
hunting, and playing so much.

They are a very energetic and athletic breed best suitable for outdoor activities and hunting.
They are also very obedient to their owners and will follow any instructions given to them
without flouting. They can also play fetch with your kids. Brittany is also used in hunting
due to their level of intelligence and sensitivity.

They also require constant training. Not to worry, they are an easy breed to train. They are
very devoted, loyal, and committed to their owners.

Generally, all dogs are loyal to their owners so you don’t have to worry if your dog is not
listed out. The best factor to look out for while selecting a dog breed is to check their traits to
enable you to select a breed that perfectly suits your need. If you are having a problem
selecting a breed, you could consult the advice of an animal keeper.


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