It’s no news that cats are a more preferable option as a choice for pets.
Research has proven that about 25% of U.S. households have these
beautiful, fluffy, and likable creatures. Of course, they can be full of
mischief at times, we still can’t deny the fact that cats are entirely
a big reason why we can’t help but love them.

Asides from the fact that they are adorable, cats can be curious lifelong
companions for you and your family. Cats help in relaxing your nervous
system through their playful and fun-filled nature. Although they can
make a huge mess of your space, they are also very affectionate with their
owners and people they trust. Also, owning a cat is a great way to teach
your kids important social skills like responsibility, respect, and patience.


1. Cats are easy and cheap to maintain.

The most captivating feature about cats is that they have low
maintenance and cost way less than dogs. Cats do not need as much
effort and resources, unlike dogs which need regular walking,
training, and grooming sessions. If you live in cities, cats are just the
perfect pets for you as they do not need a large play area. They are
satisfied by merely poking about the nook and crannies of your

2. Cats are good companions

Cats have been proven to be better companions than dogs. Staying
alone with no one to talk to can be so depressing. But with a cat as a
pet, you could never go wrong as they can be great buddies who will
always be there for you no matter what. These animals are said to be
as fun to be with as much as humans.

According to research, cats are said to be the emotional equivalent of
having a romantic partner. Feline cats possess more of these traits as
they help you relax after a long day’s stress.

3. Cat owners have a healthier heart

Scientifically, apart from the obvious fact that petting a cat can be
soothing, it also helps one have a healthier heart. About 30% of
individuals are said to have escaped heart problems and stroke by merely
petting the fur of a cat. Cats generally lower your stress level as they do
not require much effort as dogs. Petting the furry head of a cat releases
endorphins into the brain, which makes you happier. Also, cats have the
softest fur.

4. Cats eradicate rodents in your house.

As it is well known, cats are the natural enemies of rats and other rodents
such as chipmunks, voles, or mice. So, if you’re facing a rodent
infestation in your apartment, a cat would be the perfect solution to this
predicament. Your cat may even bring you its prize to make you proud.

5. Cats require less attention and training.

Unlike dogs which require much attention from their owners in feeding,
bathing, and grooming them, cats on the other hand do not need help
with all these painstaking activities. This leaves you with ample time to
carry out other activities and rest and also saves you a whole lot of extra
cash. Cats are pretty clean 100% of the time. as such, you do not need to
worry about getting extra space for them.


Selecting a particular cat breed to keep can be a really hard case to break.
Lots of factors need to be considered and put in place to ensure the safety
of your family especially if you have kids.

Cats come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, from the strange-looking
to the beautiful and adorable cats. While selecting, it is important to be
on the lookout for each cat’s specific needs and characteristics to enable
you to match them with your lifestyle. The characteristics you need in
your cat depend solely on your current living condition.

Take your time while choosing a cat as you wouldn’t want to make a bad
decision. Also, if you have an allergy to cats or furs, go for a cat specie
that does not trigger allergies.

If you’re looking for the perfect cat specie for your kids and family, below
are some of the best 10 options you can select from that would suit just

1. Abyssinians

Abyssinian cat

They are one of the oldest known cat breeds dating back to ancient
Egypt. They are loyal, affectionate, and one of the most playful breeds.
They are a perfect breed if you have kids as they are very active and
serve as great companions that always want to do whatever you do.
They are people-oriented and extremely smart.

They love to be the center of attraction, love to play tricks, and are
good entertainers. They get bored easily and as such should not be left
at home alone for a long time.

2. Birman

Birman cat

They are a little different with gentle blue eyes. They are sometimes
considered magical creatures, even-tempered, extremely quiet, sweet,
and sociable. They are also a perfect specie for families with kids
because they do not get angry or aggressive due to grabby toddlers
and are suitable for adults because they enjoy spending time with

3. Siamese

Siamese cat

They are the most popular cat specie with an extremely high level of
intelligence. They are known for their beautiful blue eyes and curious
nature. They are usually very clingy and attention-loving as they
always want to be in your lap, on your table, or on your bed which can
be very demanding of their owners. They are sociable, extremely loyal,
and affectionate specie. They’re a very loud specie and tend to meow
whenever they need your attention. Their friendly nature makes them
a perfect option for kids getting a cat for the first time.

4. Persians

Persians cat

Persians are also one of the most popular cat breeds characterized by
their sweet, quiet and beautiful faces. They are also calm but playful
cats. These well-behaved companions are known for being very
patient with unruly children. They are long-haired cats who love calm
and quiet places. They are not as demanding and clingy as other
species of cats and are rather occupied with finding a favorite place to
curl up for a nap. They are playful and chatty sometimes and rarely
get involved in trouble of any sort.

5. Ragdoll


They are called ragdolls because they walk in a saggy manner when
picked up. They are extremely loving cats that relate well with kids,
other cats, and even dogs. Due to their very mild temperament, they
are suitable for families with kids. They are extremely clingy laid-back
cats that love to trail you wherever you go.

They are playful but not hyperactive and can be taught to play fetch.
They prefer hanging out on the floor and are known to behave like
puppies. They adapt easily to almost any environment and as such as
suitable for kids and families.

6. Burmese

Burmese cat

They are quite similar to the Siamese breed. They are affectionate,
sometimes playful but quiet cats who are more interested in curling
up in a comfortable space rather than scouting the house. They get
along well with older and younger kids as well as other cats and dogs.
They can be very lively and love to play the game of fetch. They also
serve as entertainers for the family and are smart and confident. They
are so appealing and are said to have won over people who initially
dislike cats. They are also clingy as they love to follow from room to
room, and sit on your lap or bed.

7. The Manx

Manx cat

This specie of cat is gentle and playful identified mainly by the
absence of a tail. Some usually have half a tails or full tails. Their
absence of tails makes them a suitable option for children. This
preference is because children won’t have the urge to pull at the tail of
the cat. They are calm, understanding, and love to play fetch. They
also love heights and require regular grooming to keep their coats in
good condition. They usually have a favorite person in the family to
whom they give most of their attention.

8. Siberian

Siberian cat

This breed of cat is intelligent and extraordinarily playful. They can be
slow to mature but have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. They have high
resistance to dangerous diseases thereby saving you the stress of
spending heavily on medical bills. They are devoted cats but not
clingy. That is, they rather follow you from room to room and wait
patiently till you are free to cuddle. This feature makes them a perfect
option for working-class adults as they give them time to run through
their daily tasks without being gooey.
They also live with other pets, kids, and dogs if introduced properly.

9. The sphynx

Sphynx cat

These breeds of cats are identified mainly by their hairless nature.
They can be silly and cunny in a bid to get your attention. They are
affectionate and somewhat clingy. They love cuddling and resting on
your lap. They also have a great sense of humor and are always
pleased to meet new people. Their hairless nature makes them a great
choice because they hardly shed their skin. They are very playful and
find multiple activities around the house to keep them occupied.
Sphynx provides excellent companionship for adults and kids.

10. Maine coon

They are outgoing, intelligent, and affectionate breeds of cats that are
naturally curious and playful. Maine coons have been considered one
of the most favorite options for a family with kids as they are well
known for their patience. Their friendly nature earned them the
nickname, ‘dogs of the cat world’. They have a record of being peaceful
and enjoy cuddling a lot.

Most cat breeds can be adapted to families while some can’t.
therefore, it is pertinent that you know what you want during the hunt
for a pet.

Generally, cats love and need human attention as it plays a major role
in shaping their personality. Also, all cats are different ranging from
manners to temperament and patience. Seek more information from a
breeder before bringing any cat into your home.


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