Chips are a nice treat that humans enjoy mainly for their crispy and crunchy nature. There are
different types of chips named after their extracts such as banana chips, potato chips, plantain
chips, and tortilla chips. These different chips contain a variety of nutrients. It is natural and
expected that you wonder if your furry friend can also eat chips. Not all chips are healthy for
your hamster.

Therefore, you must be well informed about the chips fit for your furry friend. Some chips are a
very dangerous threat for your hamster as they can leave them with serious health
complications resulting in death while others provide your hamster with certain minerals if
consumed in moderation.

The chips that are healthy for your hamsters and the ones unfit for their consumption are
explained in detail in this article.

What Are Chips Unhealthy for My Hamster?

Now that we have successfully established that not all chips are healthy for your hamster, the
next question on your mind should be ‘what chips are healthy for my hamster?’
The most common types of chips we have are corn chips, banana chips, plantain chips, tortilla
chips, French fries, and potato chips.

Are Corn Chips Healthy for My Hamster?

Corn Chips
These are very similar to tortilla chips because they are both extracts of corn. They are made
from coarsely ground corn and may be white, yellow, or blue depending on the specie of corn

Corn chips are completely unhealthy for your hamster’s consumption due to the presence of
salt, oil, and preservatives. They are junk foods that cause more harm to your hamster than

Corn chips are made from coarsely ground lime-cooked masa that is deep-fat-fried. It becomes
loaded with excess sodium and fat which results in kidney disease, heart failure, and an
increase in blood pressure.

Are French Fries Healthy for My Hamster?

French fries
Like corn chips, French fries are also dangerous for your hamster. Hamsters can’t eat French
fries for several reasons.

1. French fries have a high content

Even for humans, French fries contain a high proportion of harmful fats such as saturated
and trans -fat. As such, French fries are more dangerous to these furry animals because
they have a smaller and less tolerant digestive system and should not consume even the
smallest bits

Although hamsters require fats and fiber in moderate quantities for proper growth and
development, these nutrients should be gotten from foods designed especially for their

2. It Contains Oils

Not all oils are suitable for your hamster. Peanut oil gotten from peanut butter and coconut
oils are healthy options for your hamster. But oils used in making French fries are not an
option for your hamster. Occasional or frequent consumption of this oil can result in obesity
and other health problems.

3. High Salt Content

Another reason why your hamster should avoid French fries is its salt content. A high intake
of salt by your hamster can cause kidney stones. Even salt licks for pets are not left out as
they are also as dangerous.

4. Preservatives and Additives

If your French fries are not made by you at home, chances are that it contains preservatives
and additives for flavor or to increase their expiry date. When feeding human food to your
hamster, it is best to give them unprocessed food as this helps you to keep track of what
they consume.

Can My Hamster Eat Potato Chips?

Potato chips are similar to French fries. The difference is that in French fries, the potato is cut
into thin strips, fried, and served hot while potato chips are allowed to cool before being served.
Both have high salt, fat, and additives and as such are not healthy for your hamster.
Potato chips are junk foods that have high calories and can bring about obesity and other health
conditions in your hamster.

If your hamster accidentally consumes them, do not fret. It means no harm. Just be on your
guard to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Rather than giving your hamster potato chips, boiled potatoes can be a better treat as they
contain more nutrients and are less dangerous to the health of your pet if consumed in

Can My Hamster Eat Banana Chips?

Banana Chips
Banana chips are dried bananas gotten by extracting the liquid from sliced bananas. If you’re
wondering if your hamster can eat banana chips, the answer is ‘Yes’.
Banana is a healthy fruit with an abundant supply of vitamins A, C, K, and E which help to
regulate the metabolic system of your organism. They lack fat or cholesterol which makes them
an edible fit for your hamster.

However, bananas are rich in sugar. Excessive intake of sugar can lead to intestinal and
digestive issues for your furry friends. Drying the banana further increases its sugar content. Not
to worry. Your hamster can still feed on banana chips but in moderation. You don’t want them
accumulating too much sugar.

Also, the amount of banana chips your hamster can take depends on the specie of hamster it
belongs to. Wild hamsters such as Robovksi and Syrian can eat a greater volume of banana
chips while tamed hamsters like Dwarf Chinese and Campbell usually found at home have low
tolerance and can’t consume many banana chips.

To be safe, your hamster should take no more than twice a half-quarter teaspoon per week.
The Nutritional Content of Banana Chips

One cup (72-gram) of banana chips contains:
· Calories – 374g
· Protein – 1.6g
· Carbs – 42g
· Fiber – 5.5g
· Sugar – 25g
· Total fat – 24g
· Saturated fat – 21g
· Potassium – 8% of the Daily Value
· Vitamin B6 – 11% of the Daily Value

These nutrients improve eyesight and regulate the blood pressure of your hamster. Despite
having all these nutritional benefits that supply the body of your hamster with energy, they
should not be taken in excess. They contain 10g of sugar as half as much fat.

There is absolutely no need to fret or worry if your hamster accidentally nibbles on a few potato
chips. It may likely get stomach upset but will definitely pull through.

If you’re looking for a perfect treat for your hamster to snack on, fresh fruits, vegetables, and
grains are great choices for your hamster. Banana chips can also be served with other food

So, explore and try out different varieties of foods for your hamster but be sure about their
contents to avoid compromising the health of your hamster.


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