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People around the world have pets, majorly for companionship and other personal reasons.       Dogs/puppies are one of the most domestic animals widely used as pets.



Tail docking is illegal under the animal welfare, unless it is for medical reasons. Dog docking is considered inhuman and tortuous to the dogs. Docking has to do with removal of some parts of an animal tail and it involves using rubber band (ligature) and using of surgical scissors or scalpel.

Some dog’s breeds tend to have naturally occurring bobtail links, that appear similar to docked dogs but are differently naturally occurring phenotype. Tail docking has to do with tail removal, done in specific breeds for aesthetic purposes. tail docking occurs in one of the two ways. the first involves using of rubber ligature and the second goes with the use of surgical scissors or a scalpel. Tail docking varies by breed.

A Puppy just like every living thing has a nervous system and is able to go through pains etc. a puppy may or may not vocalize or squeal from pain during a tail docking. there are also other signs known as BIOLOGY MARKERS that can offer pain and maybe more. these signs are hardly ignored in the modern city that have advanced empathetic veterinary care, especially when carried out for cosmetics reasons that can lead to certain complication.

History has it that tail docking, as noticed was a procedure that took place in the past as means of protection in working dog breeds. it also entails that some portions of tail were removed because of constant injury or even torn while hunting or working from the field. in fighting dogs, these body parts are snipped to prevent the opponent dog from gripping them or holding them to strike balance or upper hands. These protective measures could have been value centuries ago but in this era dogs are majorly kept as pets, so these practices are out of place.

Some advocates strongly justify the procedure as necessary and as an advantage to some dogs. the advocates justify the claim that lack of tail will mean fewer injuries and inconveniences. these statements may sound valid but are not solid. truthfully, if the tails or anything else are taken off it tends to bring about fewer or no injuries cause the dog do not have them

There inconsistent standards and controversy on some breeds: like the German pointer standard wants the breed docked, and breeds claim it is to prevent tail injury, but then the English pointer which also perform similar tasks is not docked. some are done in standard like the short_ haired Weimar while the long haired ones are left untouched or intact.



Yes, tails are important   for dogs. if dogs are given tails by our creator or   naturally, then it is for a reason and function. Tails are uses to communicate, meaning that it serves as a means of communication. It   is widely observed that dogs wag their tails   when happy   and use it to communicate among other dogs. dogs without tails are likely to face communication problems and will be unable to communicate their fear, play, aggressiveness or happiness when around other dogs .it is likely to bring about serious miscommunications and eventually fights which will surely lead to injury. they are to be treated cautions     as their moods cannot be effectively interpreted.

Dock dogs, may not communicate their aggression properly and may go for a bite if the other dogs do not back off in time. tail is also important role in swimming and balance function







   Elastrator   serves as a settling tool. It is used as the process or helping hand to the veterinaries in placing the rubber band to the desired location on the tail.

Elastrator are manufactured strictly coupled with quality control and exercise effective functions.


  2.                   Tail banding with rubber   band is the band that proceed to the docking process and should be done under the supervision of the veterinary.



Surgical method and division

Rubber band



Puppy tail docking varies depending on the specific breed. some are cut quite short and close to the animal body. this method is used by veterinaries for puppy \ dog docking. It is simple, painless and does not distress the dog.

Banding is done at two to five days, a special rubber band is used and place with the help of the elastrator on the desired location on the tail. the rubber band used in binding the tail at the desired location to be requires a kind of little force, because the blood cannot circulate and the tightening makes it feel numb     after some days three to five or as the veterinary suggest. the tail will shrink and waste away due to lack of blood supply to the   end of the tail. the constriction of the blood supply to the end   of the puppy’s tail do not cause irritation or annoyance when sitting and when involved in athletic activities. after three days to five days the tail is sure to fall off.




YES, historically, tail docking.  are  thought to  prevent rabies ,strengthen the back ,increase speed of the animal  and prevent injuries when ratting, fighting and battling .

The modern era benefits consist either for cosmetics, prophylactic, and therapeutic purposes.



The consequences of tail docking are; it leads to infection or extensive bleeding which may lead to death.

It is likely to bring about serious complications, that’s why it is done after series of consideration and array of consideration complications. This makes it understandable   why many vets are refusing the procedure. while on the other hand some pet owners or breeders are taking over the task using rubber band and knives in an unsterile and unhealthy environment.


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