Beardies are household reptiles often kept as pets and well known for their calm nature. They
are friendly pets that tend to get used to their environment quickly. However, there are some
things they do not like. It is important that as a beardie owner, you get accustomed to what they
dislike so you do not in any way threaten your beardie.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of things bearded dragons do not like. Read through to
find out.


1. Grabbing From The Tail

One thing you should never do to your beardie is to carry it from the tail. This is a very
terrible action because your beardie doesn’t like it. They feel uncomfortable with the
movement of their tail.

Apart from that, carrying a beardie from its tail can cause lots of pain, bone damage and
even death as the body lacks support.

2. Loud Noises

Beardie hates loud and noisy environments as they tend to get stressed out. So, if you have
a beardie in the house, you might want to keep the volume of the speaker down. Bearded
dragons can also not withstand loud voices as simple as kids shouting or bathtub filling as it
makes them feel attacked or nervous.

3. Household Ceiling Fan

It seems like a weird thing to hate but beardies are scared of ceiling fans. It makes them feel
unsafe as they often mistake it for a predator.

The whirring sound of the fan gives them the notion that they are about to be attacked by a
predator. This leaves them stressed out from anxiety or trying to escape.

4. Being Grabbed from Above

Another thing your beardie hates so much is being carried from above. Carrying them from
above makes them feel threatened or under attack. It is best to hold your beardie gently from
both sides rather than carrying it from the top.

5. Their Reflection

Like other species of their kind, beardie show territoriality. Territoriality is a trait displayed by
animals in which they tend to guard and protect their space from other animals, particularly of
the same species. Therefore, they usually mistake their reflection with another beardie and
may try to attack it.

6. Other Bearded Dragons

It is a common feat for a bearded dragon to completely hate another bearded dragon. This
hatred is usually more common amongst male beardies. This is because these reptiles
exhibit territoriality and as such, get irritated by the presence of another male beardie and
may tend to attack it until they are separated.

With this in mind, it is best to ensure that your beardie is kept separated from other beardies.

7. Small spaces

Bearded dragons are claustrophobic, that is, they hate cramped spaces. So if you are looking
for a space for your beardie, you might want to consider getting a space large enough for
your beardie to move freely around.

8. Birds

If you have a beardie, you try as much as you can to ensure that your beardie does not come
across birds. Beardies see birds as predators and any sight of them could leave them feeling
unsafe or scared.

This is easy to achieve if your beardie is always indoors. It would be impossible for a bird to
get into the house. But if you love taking your beardie outside, you should be wary of birds to
ensure your beardie does not get unduly stressed.

9. Vegetables

Although this doesn’t apply to all beardies, some beardies do not like eating veggies. The
fact that your bearded dragon doesn’t like eating veggies is not enough reason for it not to
eat them as they form a basic necessity for proper and healthy growth.

You must cajole your beardie into eating veggies. Adding bits into their meal or mixing
vegetables with other foods is a better way to make it more appealing to your bearded

10. Bright lights at Night

Just like we humans hate leaving the lights on before sleeping, bearded dragons equally find
it difficult and disturbing to sleep with the bright light turned on.

After a long day, your beardie needs as much good sleep as he can get. This means without
any form of disturbance including bright lights. Turning on the light even after your beardie
must have gone to sleep also tends to wake it up and it might be more difficult to get back to
sleep after that.

You don’t want your beardie looking all stressed out by morning due to lack of sleep.
Therefore you must turn off the light at night before sleeping not just for your sake but also
for that of your beardie.

11. Animals of Other Species.

Just as bearded dragons are not comfortable around their species, so also do they hate
being around animals of other species especially other household pets like dogs, cats,
parrots, and cats.

Beardies get scared and feel threatened by the presence of these animals. They might try to
fight or attack the other animal or might get themselves curled up in a corner of their tank. So
if you have other pets around, you might want to keep them away from your beardie to save
your beardie from being scared and stressed all the time.

12. Vibration

Bearded dragons get scared and terrified by vibrations either from a speaker or construction
sites. Heavy vibrations bring discomfort which may lead to stress and restlessness.
Try as much as possible to ensure your beardie avoids this situation to prevent it from hurting
itself due to anxiety.

13. Staying in Their Tank for Too Long

Just as humans get tired and bored of staying in a particular place for too long, beardies also
hate being locked up in their tank for too long. They get bored and might get sulky. It is best
to let your beardie out of the tank to explore from time to time as it gives them a sense of
freedom aids their brain.

14. Being Startled

Beardies do not go too well with startling as it gets them scared or upset. You should avoid
sudden movements or noises around your beardie as they sense it as danger or an attack on
them by prey.


These are a few things your beardie may not like. All bearded dragons are different and as
such, your beardie may not hate all the highlighted.

The best way to know what your beardie likes and dislikes is to observe it keenly. Your
beardie is your responsibility and as such you should take it upon yourself to see that it is
comfortable and healthy at all times.



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